VOTED BEST HAUNT IN THE VALLEY 2012-2013 Arizona Foothills Magazine

Dark Scares Hotel

The Dark Scares Hotel is open for another season. Explore a brand new floor of the hotel, featuring all new rooms and dangers around every corner. Enter into the critically acclaimed world of Dark Scares Hotel, a place abandoned by time but not by those who remained. Remember, checking in is simple...however, checking out is another story...



Enter into a brand new world that robs you of your senses in more ways than one. It is said that losing one sense strengthens the others. Robbed of your sight and thrown into complete darkness, push your remaining senses to the limit as your try to survive the labyrinth and make your way out. The dark often plays tricks on the mind, but not everything you may sense is a mere figment of the mind...




Oct 31st - Nov 1st & 2nd || 7PM to 11PM


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