"Is your Haunt Scary?"

Of course it is! We have the perfect mix of detailing, creepy sets, and high impact scares to maximize your terror and enjoyment! We were rated the Best Haunted House in the Valley by Arizona Foothills Magazine in 2011!


"Will the actors touch me?"

No. We have a strict policy that the actors will not touch you under any circumstances. In addition guests are not allowed to touch any of the actors, sets, or props.


"When is the haunt open?"

Please refer to the Home page for calendar and hours.


"Where are you located?"

Please refer to the Directions page for location and directions.


"Is there an age limit for the haunt?"

We do not have an age limit though the haunt may be disturbing to children under 13.


"How long is the haunt?"

The length of the haunt varies from group to group depending on how fast they move through the maze. On average it takes around 20-25 minutes to make it through the haunt.


"Can I wear costumes to the haunt?"

Yes you may, but please no masks of any kind.


"How much does the haunt cost?"

Please refer to our Admission page for pricing.


"Is there a group discount?"

Yes. Please contact info@darkscares.com for more information on group discounts.


"Can I be an actor in the haunt?"

Absolutely! Please check out our Volunteers page and send your application to volunteers@darkscares.com

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